Foundation for International Tax Dispute Resolution

Webinar: Towards Effective Resolution and Prevention of Disputes on Cross-Border Taxation, Monday July 6th, 2020

We are happy and proud to announce the webinar on Monday July 6 Tribute is hosting in joint cooperation with CIAT – the regional organization of Latin American tax administrations.

The webinar focuses on resolution and prevention of international tax disputes in Latin America and the wider developing world and will be addressing both policy and administrative issues.

The webinar panel pairs senior Latin American competent authorities and leading members of the international academic, advisory and business communities. Tribute is represented on either side, by Natalia Quiñones and Philip Baker, respectively.

For further details on program, timing and registration I refer to the webinar website, at:

The webinar is freely accessible for everyone taking an interest, and I encourage you to recommend attending it within your wider networks.

Tribute and CIAT share a mutual intention to expand their cooperation in near future in various areas of policy, training and facilitation. I hope to inform you on further details later this year.

Enjoy the webinar!